What Does The Sale Include?

Disputes can arise between Purchasers and Vendors as to what is included in the sale.

 Asset Assist Real Estate use the standard Contract of Sale approved by the Queensland Law Society and adopted by the Real Estate Institute of Queensland Limited.

 The standard list of inclusions provided in the contract is as follows: -

  •  All Stoves

  •  How Water Systems

  • Wall to Wall Floor Coverings

  • Drapes and Track Blinds

  • Light Fittings

  • Clothes Line Hoists

  • Fixed Television Antenna

  • In-ground Shrubs

  • All fixtures as inspected by the Purchaser

The Contract of Sale allows for any of these items to be excluded from the sale but they must be listed separately so as to not distract the Purchaser and we must encourage you to only exclude items you are attached to, or those that are heirlooms.

So if you are planning to take the curtains in one of the bedrooms (because it matches the bed spread), or the light fittings in the lounge (because it was a wedding present), we suggest you do it now before you list the property for sale.  This way the purchaser is actually seeing what he is buying and it reduces the chance of any disputes or delays with sale.  It will also remove a bargaining tool for the Purchaser.

 Can I Include Any Extras?

There is a provision for you to write in any chattels (extra items) included in the sale.  For example if the dishwasher is moveable and it was staying as part of the purchase price, it would be listed here.