There's More to Selling Than Meets The Eye..

You need to arm yourself with all the information available to market your property effectively.  Rather than a price plucked out of the air we will do the research and answer the following questions for you.

  •   What price range can we expect?

  • Should we allow a negotiating buffer in the listed price?

  • And at what price should we list?

  • What are buyers looking for in my house?

  • When can we expect a sale?

  • What can we do to improve our chances of selling by either promotion or presentation?

  • What type of buyer are we aiming for?

  • What’s happening in the current market?

  • What has sold recently in comparison to our house?

  • What is our competition and how do we compare?

  • How will you give our property the edge to stand out?

  • How much will it cost to sell our house?