Helpful Selling Hints

With so many properties for sale you need to arm yourself with all the information available to market your property effectively.



A neat and tidy home says welcome. The prospective buyer must be able to imagine themselves living in your home if they are going to buy it.

First Impressions


Imagine your property through the buyers eyes. Stand out the front of your house and notice things that the purchaser might notice.
ďAre the gardens and lawns well presented and alive?Ē
ďAre the porches and paths clean and rubbish removed?Ē

Light the Way


Most buyers like a light and airy house. On dull days it is a good idea to turn the lights on and open curtains before the prospective purchaser arrives.

Prospective Buyers See Repairs as Expensive


Some minor repairs that need doing may cost you only a few dollars to fix but they always conjure up large costs in the purchasers mind.  So that they donít use these to bargain down your price itís a good idea to:

  •  Fix leaking taps

  • Repair broken or torn fly screens

  • Tighten loose door knobs

  • Repair minor cracks

  • Oil squeaky hinges and windows

  • Ensure doors close properly including kitchen cupboard doors

  • Water the lawn

  • Repaint the patio floor, paying particular attention to the entrance

  • Consult us before carrying out major repairs or renovations to ensure that you may not over-capitalise

Hot Or Cold


On a cold day turn the heater on or light the fire if you have one. If itís a hot day, try to keep the house as cool as possible. This is one of the first things the prospective purchaser will notice and comment on. We want them to feel comfortable and to linger.

Three's A Crowd


Avoid having people in the house during inspections. This can make a room appear smaller and prevent the prospective purchaser from having a good look around. If they are going to buy they need to get involved in the home. Try to go out when your home is being inspected so the prospective buyers are able to comfortably look around and comment aloud without fear of offending.

Leave It To Us


Donít apologise for the appearance or condition of your home and avoid discussing the details of the transaction, such as price or terms with the prospective purchaser. To maximise the chance of a sale, donít allow prospective buyers to inspect the house without us there.

Be Courteous


If you are at home during the inspection be polite and donít force conversation with the potential buyer. They are there to inspect your home. If they do ask questions about the home or the district, always answer them truthfully and directly.

Noise Distracts


If you are at home during an inspection it is advisable to turn televisions off and stereos down as they can take your prospective purchasers attention away from your house. Please keep pets out of the way and ensure they are quiet and contained or take them out with you.