Why The Vendor Should
Pay For Advertising

  • Commitment by the Seller to invest in the sale of their property before commission is paid.

  • Commission is for the service (labour). Advertising is for the exposure (materials).

  • Agency should not be financially involved in the promotion of their property for which they are the legal Title Deed Holder.

  • Projects the profile of the property to the marketplace.

  • Buyers are drawn to the property from the advertising.

  • Buyers see that there is going to be competition because of the exposure of the property to other buyers.

  • More Exposure = More Buyers = Better Price

  • Seller has the choice to the size and number of ads that appeal, and to suit their budget.

  • “Real Buyers” will look at the pictorials first.

  • Buyers come from everywhere, not just locally.

  • More exposure through advertising reduces days on market.