A common concern of investment property owners is the “right choice” when

selecting tenants.  Of course you would want good tenants who pay their rent on time, report maintenance issues and look after the property. 


Good property management has a distinct process and the beginning of this process is the inspection.


· The Inspection - All prospective tenants are required to inspect the

          property prior to application.  When your Property Manager meets with          them for the inspection, this is an ideal opportunity to gauge their

          re-actions to your property and to gain an insight into suitability for feed          back to you when discussing applications.


· The Application—When a rental customer makes an application for

         tenancy, they must supply a wide range of information to verify their

         reliability as a potential lessee.  Should pets be allowed at the rental

         property, as added protection for you we ask that we be provided with a

         photograph and for dogs, verification of registration.


· Verification of Information—When the application has been signed and received, all information will be checked for authenticity.  We also run every applicant through TICA, a data base that shows previously

         defaulting tenants.  When all the information has been gathered we will          then contact you for final approval.



Lessor Protection Insurance


Lessor protection insurance protects you, the client, for loss of rent as a result of lessee damage, lessee damage to the property and other things such as

injuries occurring to lessees or their guests.


Asset Assist Property Management requires all lessors to be covered by Protection Insurance.