When you have approved an applicant, the Property Manager makes an appointment with the prospective tenants to sign their lease.  At this time their obligations are

explained and the time taken to ensure full understanding of all aspects of the lease.

When the lease is fully signed, a copy will be forwarded to you for your records.


The tenants are asked to pay a bond, the equivalent of 4 weeks rent.  This money is sent with the “Bond Lodgement Form” to the Residential Tenancies Authority. 

In addition, the equivalent of 2 weeks rent is also requested at this time.


We believe that time spent at the commencement of the tenancy with the lessee,

explaining the documents, procedures, legal requirements and responsibilities may well prevent dispute and conflict in the future.


The Residential Tenancies Act 1994 is the controlling legislation for Queensland rental properties.  All documentation used by Asset Assist Property Management complies with the Act.