There are many ways to promote your investment property to obtain quality



1. Your property would be uploaded with colour photos, to our website at
 and  The internet is an excellent tool          for exposing both rental and sales properties to the market and appeals to a          wide age group.


2. A window card displaying your property information is prominently displayed in our sales window or foyer.


3.      Advertising in local papers is always an excellent choice.  We recommend a

         colour advertisement and a “Rental Open For Inspection”.  This would enable          prospective tenants to view the property, receive important information and          guidelines and speak with the Property Manager.


4. A list of vacant properties is available at our office for prospective tenants and a colour display book is available at reception.


Hints to Enhance—


It’s the small things that count.  If the paintwork is tired why not re-paint, a well kept property attracts quality tenants.


Depending on quality, carpets will last from 5—8 years.  Floor coverings will wear more quickly in a rental property than in the average family home. 


Curtains may last from 7-10 years (depending on quality). 


Guttering—We suggest that guttering be cleared annually.


Tap washers and smaller maintenance is best completed prior to a new tenant moving in.