At the time of the signing of the lease, your tenant will be supplied with the following information.


· Office policy and procedures

· Notification of bin collection days

· Sprinkler and garden watering information

· Maintenance request form

· Rent due dates

· First routine inspection date


Routine inspections are carried out every 3 months with notice being given in

Accordance with the Act.  After each inspection you will be notified of existing

maintenance issues and possible future issues if applicable.


Your rental payments will be tracked by the Property Manager.  At times tenants may fall into arrears with their rental payments.  There is a set process for the issuing of notices to tenants, with strict guidelines and time periods.  You will be kept informed throughout this process and shall be given the final option of whether to seek

termination through the courts.  We act on your instructions at all times.




DisbursementsYour funds can be deposited directly into your account either

fortnightly or monthly depending upon your requirements.  A detailed Statement will be sent to you.


We Communicate—Regular correspondence will be sent to you advising of updates or to confirm telephone conversations we may have regarding your property or tenants.