Open House

Just another tool at you disposal to increase your chance of sale

Buyers go shopping for homes, a popular way to do this is to watch the papers or drive around their favourite suburb looking for signs.  They like to browse this way not only to get an idea of the market but because they feel there is no pressure on them and that they can take it at their own pace.  When selling your house we strongly recommend holding an Open House, which gives us another avenue to take your property to the buying market.

Browsing often leads to a Sale

Open houses reach the people that have obviously got an interest in buying a house but have not yet actively started searching.  This can help your property be the first one they see and sometimes it ends up being the one they buy.

Even people who are not actively in the market, but accompanying a friend through an Open House have purchased.

It is best to an open home on a day that will coincide with an ad appearing in the paper.  The salesperson comes out and erects signs directing people to the property.  This can catch people who are just driving around the area.  A visitorís register is set up which everyone must sign as a condition of entry.  We also seek their comments after they have completed their inspection.

The salesperson in attendance answers questions and assists in the inspection and the security of your possessions.